Issue 3 and Volume 4.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, FIRE DEPARTMENT. CLEVELAND, June 27.—The Cleveland Paid Fire Department was organized on the 17 h day of November, 1862, Mr. Ed. Hart being the first Chief, and remaining such until the following spring, when he was succeeded by James Craw, who filled the position for the short term of one year, after which he was replaced by the well-known and efficient Chief James Hill, who served the city of Cleveland, faithfully, for the long term of IO years. Mr. Hill was well known among the Fire Depar.mrnts of the country, and was universally esteemed ; he is at the present time Chief of an enterprising Department in Oakland. Cal. Chief John Bennett, the present incumbent of the office, is one of the oldest Firemen in Cleveland, He was First Assistant during Chief Hills’s long term. Mr. Bennett has divided his life between that of a soldier and a…

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