Issue 4 and Volume 4.

VERY LIKE CHILD’S PLAY. The Baltimore Underwriter says: “A large number of Philadelphians, consisting of members of the City Council and Fire Department, telegraphers and politicians. came to this city at the expense of the Gamewell Company, last week, to examine the practical workings of the Fire Alarm Apparatus in the City Hall. The Superintendent gave the visitors the desired information, and after a satisfactory inspection of the system they were treated to one of those little dramatic spectacles known as a test alarm. The ostensible object of displays of this sort is to illustrate the efficiency of the drill and discipline of the Department, but we strongly suspect that as we are only children of a larger growth there is a good deal of child’s play in these exhibitions. For the gratification of the officials ass mbled in the portico of the City Hall, the arrival ot each Engine…

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