Issue 4 and Volume 4.

HOSE IN CHICAGO. The question of hose for the Chicago Fire Department entered largely into the recent trouble regarding Marshal Benner. The last award for hose was given to the New York Belting and Packing Company, for their cotton “Cable” Hose. The advertisement asking for proposals called for cotton hose to stand 400 pounds pressure. “ Eureka” and “Cable” hose were in service in the Department and the manufacturers of each bid for the order. As the “Cable” was the lowest bidder, the award was made to them. Politicians eager to get a hold on Benner made a row about this, and the “Cable” hose was ordered to be tested, when it failed to stand the pressure guaranteed. This, the manufacturers claim, was due to the fact that the covering was made on a new loom, and the tensions were too tight. Marshal Sweenie took the same brand of hose…

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