Issue 5 and Volume 4.

LEADVILLE, COL. LEADVILLE, July 17.—Those who listen to the stories written from rival mining camps, suggesting that Leadville has seen its best days, and that more are leaving than coming to it, should have been here on the 4th of July, when the miners had come in to celebrate the ever-glorious anniversary. In the morning every livery-stable had been taxed to its utmost, and the streets were crowded with teams and saddle-horses, and even many of the great eight-mule freighter-wagons were called into use to carry the merry miners and citizens to the Twin Lakes, Tennessee Park, Crystal Lake, and the other places of pleasant resort in the vicinity. Yet still the numbers left in the streets seemed unabated. In the afternoon there were EXCITING FOOT-RACES on Harrison Avenue, between the Tabor and Harrison Hose Companies, in which, drawing a Hose Carriage, they ran 700 feet in 09# seconds—the time…

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