Issue 5 and Volume 4.

WATER AND EPIDEMICS. Yellow fever is again making tearful havoc in Memphis, and, as other Southern cities are threatened, there is great apprehension lest the disease should prove even more fatal this year than it did last, Memphis is deserted, business is almost entirely suspended, all who were able to do so having abandoned their homes and their occupations and fled from the approach of this terrible destroyer. These refugees have sought safety in northern cities, and, as a consequence, yellow fever has betrayed itself where they have sought refuge. In New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and other cities there have been isolated cases of the disease, sufficient to awaken keen anxiety for the safety of those cities. While it is scarcely probable that any northern city,will be afflicted as Memphis has been with yellow fever, it is yet possible, under favorable conditions, for the disease to obtain a foothold, and…

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