Issue 6 and Volume 4.

RANDOM SPARKS —Fort Wayne, Ind., is again working hard for water works. —The Cumberland, Mo., Fire Department uses leather hose. — The Hagerstown, Md., Fire Department is without a Chief. —Hose Company, No. 4, of South Bend, Ind., are preparing to go to the Battle Creek Tournament. — Troy, N. Y., will soon have the Holly plan of steam-heating. Work on the trenches was begun this week. —Chief McQuade, of Albany, N. Y., is taking his summer vacation. He is now enjoying himself at the sea-shore. —The salaries in the Covington (Ky.) Fire Department are : Chief, $1200; Engineers, $75: and Firemen, $60 per annum. —The house of Engine Company No. 4, of St. Paul, Minn., has been re-floored and new stalls have been erected In the stables. — The Z. C. Priest Steam Fire Engine Company, of Little Fails, N. Y„ will give an excursion, August 28, to Saratoga…

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