Issue 6 and Volume 4.

ANOTHER RUSSIAN CITY BURNED. THE Nihilists, or communists, of Russia are carrying terror to the heart of the Government by the boldness of their atrocities. Murder, assasination and the incendiary torch are the means most generally employed to show the Government how weak it is, and how impossible for it to subdue the hostility that exists. Prominent officials, noted for their zeal in carrying out the oppressive measures adopted by the Government, are secretly assassinated in spite of all precautions. The latest outrage perpetrated by the Nihilists was the destruction by fire of the town of Irkutsk, which, following closely the conflagrations at Orenburg, Perm, Uralsk and Irbit, shows how widespread is the disaffection in Russia, and leads the people to ask, “What next?” The St. Petersburg journals are full of terrible details connected with the fire at Irkutsk, which seems to have had an undoubted revolutionary origin. From these…

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