Issue 9 and Volume 4.

MINOR TOPICS B. B. Bullwinkle, of the Chicago Patrol, has lately sent a full set of his patent snaps to C. H. Swan, Superintendent of the Providence, R. I. Protectives. The Bangor Extension Ladder Company is doing an immense business. General Smith, the manager, informs us that they have sold and delivered during the past sixty days not less than forty of their ladders. Orders are coming in rapidly and there is no doubt but the” Bangor” is the popular Ladder of the day. Weedsport, N. Y., has purchased a fifth-class Silsby Engine. Although at first there was some opposition to the purchase of a Steamer the feeling in the village is now unanimous that wisdom was shown in so doing, and praise for the Silsby is heard on all sides. A thorough investigation was made by the authorities before a decision was reached. Samuel Eastman & Co., of East…

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