Issue 11 and Volume 4.

SCIENTIFIC MEN ON FIRES. The “fire fiend” finds many and diverse ways to get in his work. At least he is credited by a generous public with great ingenuity in this line; but it is doubtful whether he should be so credited. To illustrate the subject: At Ann Arbor, Mich., recently the roof of the main building of the State University, there located, was found to be on fire. The various buildings of the university are supplied with stand-pipes furnished with water by private pumping Engines, and as Arguseyed watchmen are always on the look-out f_____r fire, it was supposed that should a fire break out it would be quenched in its incipiency. But when the time came for action the complex machinery wouldn’t act. Somebody had, or hadn’t, turned a valve and the water didn’t come. The Engineer put full pressure upon the pipes and there being no outlet…

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