Issue 11 and Volume 4.

POLITICS IN THE CHICAGO DEPARTMENT. At the time of the great fire in Chicago, the Fire Department of that city was entirely controlled by politicians, and was, consequently and necessarily, in a wretchedly inefficient condition. Marshal Benner succeeded to the command, and devoted himself entirely to perfecting the Department, ignoring politics entirely, and making merit the basis of promotion or retention in the service. As the result of his efforts, Chicago obtained a trained corps of Firemen, of whose skill and efficiency any city might be proud. But Carter Harrison was elected Mayor last Fall, and, being essentially an intriguing politician, he at once set about the work of transforming the city government into a huge political machine, every branch of which could be used to further his political schemes. He found Marshal Benner, who would not consent that the Fire Department should be prostituted to such unworthy purposes, in…

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