Issue 11 and Volume 4.

WHAT THEY SAY LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. BINGHAMTON, N, Y. BINGHAMTON, August 31.—If fire matters have been dull here for the past three months, they are now making up for lost time. Saturday, August 23, Rockbottom Hose Company went to Hiawatha Island, Owego, taking with them a large picnic party. Everything passed off pleasantly, and the Company won praise from all as usual. Wednesday, August 27, Crystal Hose Company went to Owego, taking the Department Officers and City Guard’s Band, to join in celebrating the Twenty-sixth Annual Parade of that Department. It was the first tftne the good people of Owego had seen their new Carriage, costing nearly $6000, but, if we may judge trom report, it will not be the last. The universal expression was—the finest Company I ever saw. Had they known the boys personally, as your correspondent does, they would not have been surprised at their good…

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