Issue 11 and Volume 4.

EX-GOVERNOR SEYMOUR TO THE EXEMPT FIREMEN. MISCELLANY Ex-Governor Horatio Seymour, of New York, attended a meeting of the Society of Firemen at Utica recently, and in the course of a short speech said: “I never had a great opinion of speech-making Firemen. They are not as well fitted for words as they are for deeds and works. Some time ago I was able to send to your association my certificate as Fireman, that dates back a great many years—I don’t like to tell how many in the presence of the ladies. I was then asked to visit you here, and gladly accepted the invitation. At a very early day most of the city’s members were Firemen. Among them were some who have been prominent in the history of the State and country. I remember with pleasure that there is no more honorable service for old or young than in helping…

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