Issue 17 and Volume 4.

MINOR TOPICS A. F. Spawn, of New York, has recently furnished Neptune Fire Company, of Greenville, N. C., with a full equipment of uniforms. The hats and belts were something new in design, and in fact the whole uniform was decidedly pretty. The firm of Neally & Smyer, manufacturers of the Neally respirator, have made a change in headquarters. Hereafter they will be found at 71 Suffolk street. The value of respirators to a Fire Department is very great, and their sale will soon be general. The Boston Fire Department has just purchased two more Bangor Extension Fire Ladders. Nearly every Truck in Boston has been for a year or more equipped with one Bangor Extension, and now they are adding the second one to several Trucks. All this goes to show that it is a practical ladder, and the more it is used the more it is appreciated. Alert…

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