Issue 19 and Volume 4.

RANDOM SPARKS —On November 1, the Chicago Fire Department were paid their October salaries in gold, amounting to $26,867. Early next year Baltimore will celebrate the completion of the water-supply tunnel. The tunnel is seven miles fong and twelve feet in diameter. —The Jacksonville, Ill., water-works have gone dry, and the water supply in Springfield has become so rotten and tainted, it is said, as to be unfit for use. —In Milwaukee during the month of October, the Department responded to eleven alarms of fire, with good success. Loss to buildings, $345; on stocks, — Chief Engineer Henricks, of New Haven, Conn., has sent Steam-fire Engine No. 4, of his Department, to Hutmeman & Co., of Boston, by whose hands it will undergo a thorough repairing. —A man who sat up four nights wrestling with it, asks this conundrum : “ What is the difference between a sailor and a…

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