Issue 19 and Volume 4.

MINOR TOPICS Cincinnati uses the ” Geyer Snap,” and says they are good. They are manufactured by the inventor, Henry Geyer, of St. Louis. The Denver, Col , Land Company makes an offer in the advertising columns to those who would like to invest in Western real estate at a low price. The ” Wedge Coupling, manufactured by Galvin Brothers, of Detroit, is said by the Detroit and other Fire Departments, where it is in use, to be the best out. If you live anywhere near St. Louis and want any repairing done in a first-class manner send your rolling stock to Fred Yeakel who makes such work a specialty. The new “ Telegraph Hose,” manufactured by the well known Akron Rubber Works, is being quite generally sought since its successful test at the Washington Convention. Asa W. La France has just delivered a third-class La France Steamer to Sturgis,…

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