Issue 19 and Volume 4.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. AN item in the last week’s JOURNAL relative to “ a JOURNAL Correspondent ” should have been credited to the Newark Sunday Call instead of to the Philadelphia Sunday Mercury. Our intentions were honorable, but got mixed in the execution. A DYER of Algiers, named Nony, lately discovered certain remarkable properties in Algerian senna, which he has now made known to the world. It appears that when this senna is boiled with water a liquid is obtained which puts out fires in a most extraordinary manner, by the gas generated. In spite of its vegetable origin, says M. Nony, this liquid undergoes no fermentation or decomposition, even during the most prolonged sea voyages. According to a notice in a French paper, no less than 4000 spectators assembled at Algiers to witness the fire-extinguishing experiments made by the inventor with this decoction of Algerian senna. ACCORDING to…

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