Issue 19 and Volume 4.

MISCELLANY THE RAPID SPREAD OF FIRE, AND HOW TO PREVENT IT. At the recent session ot the New York State Association of Underwriters, P. T. Wight, a consulting architect, read an interesting paper on “ The Relations of Architecture to Underwriting.” We extract from the address what the speaker had to say relative to the rapid spread of fires in modern buildings: “It now only remains to describe the causes of the rapid spreading of fires through buildings, and the remedies to be applied in preventing them. “The main cause is the want of a proper system of compartments, whereby a fire can be confined to the place where it originates until it is extinguished. This is the prevalent fault in the planning of all business buildings; and this is the very class in which such precautions are most needed. Those features of modern buildings which are most fruitful in…

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