Issue 19 and Volume 4.

A SHORT WATER SUPPLY. Comparatively few persons recognize how much their comfort and convenience depends upon a ready and unrestricted supply of water. Even those who do not use it as a beverage find their comforts curtailed in a variety of ways when the water supply runs short. Recently the residents of the upper part of New York were put to serious inconvenience by the sudden shortening of the water supply. Without any warning from the Public Works Department, the water was cut off, so that none could be had except in the basement of the houses. A similar shortening took place about two weeks ago, and continued for 24 hours. When such reduction has been made in former times, the Department always notified the residents of the district beforehand. This enabled them to prepare for the stoppage by filling bath-tubs, water-tanks and other convenient receptacles. No warning being given…

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