Issue 21 and Volume 4.

RANDOM SPARKS —Wingham. Ont., will have Water-works. —The aggregate cost of repairs made to the Water-works reservoir at Lafayette, Ind., was$8,443.69. —The members of the Richmond, Ind , Fire Department came out in a brand new uniform on November 1. —W. H. Taylor is Chief of the Danville, Ill., Fire Departmenr. He has under his control two second-class Silsby Engines with heaters attached, one 3-wheel Hose Cart and one 2-wheel, x6oo feet of Akron hose, 4 full-paid men and 14 call men The Department is in good condition and does the best of work. —Eight new Fire Alarm boxes have recently been erected by order of the Commissioners at San Francisco, Cal. —The town of Woodbury, N. J., is in need of Water-works, and the enterprising citizens thereof are anxious that the deficiency be supplied. —To add to the effective working of the Fire Department of Genesseo, Ill., the city…

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