Issue 21 and Volume 4.

MINOR TOPICS Weccaco Fire Company, of Wilmington, Del., has recently bought of Clapp & Jones one of their Steamers, handsomely nickel-plated and weighing 4,600 pounds. The Fire Department of Boston, Mass., has just been furnished with 2500 feet of Eureka hose ; the Department of Gloucester, Mass., with 500 feet of Eureka, and New London, Conn., with 800 feet of Paragon—the third lot within two years. Orders are now being filled by the company as follows: Foxboro, Mass., 1000 feet of Paragon; Three Rivers, Mass., 750 feet of Red Cross; New Haven, Conn,, 2000 feet of Eureka. New Haven has had 2000 feet of Eureka in service for over three years, and not a single piece has been retired. Galvin Brothers, of Detroit, Mich., the manufacturers of the celebrated ” Wedge ” Coupling, are putting their couplings on 2000 feet of Eureka Hose for the Detroit Fire Department. They recently…

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