Issue 21 and Volume 4.

NEW YORK’S FIRE PERIL. New York City is the great commercial metropolis of this country. Within its limits are contained hundreds of millions of dollars worth of merchandise, stored in immense warehouses and business blocks, from which the merchants of all sections draw their supplies. So much has been said and written recently in regard to the danger by fire that threatens it at all times, that a representative of THE JOURNAL recently concluded to interview some of the prominent authorities in regard to the means of fire extinction in use. The first person addressed on the subject was Vincent C. King, President of the Board of Fire Commissioners. Herewith we give the substance of the statements made by him, premising the report with the information that Mr. King is not an excessively communicative person. ” Mr. King,” said THE JOURNAL man, ” do you regard the tire extinguishing apparatus…

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