Issue 22 and Volume 4.

PUBLIC SAFETY IN PUBLIC BUILDINGS. The publishers of The Sanitary Engineer—a journal whose mission is shown, by the signification of its title, to be found in the furtherment of the public welfare, correcting violations and abuses of organic and physical laws, and instructing and educating the people upon the subject of hygiene and other branches of science tending to the betterment of the public health and the promotion of life—have offered four premiums, aggregating the sum of five hundred dollars, for designs for a model city school-house. The building is to occupy a plot of ground one hundred feet square, open to the North, but enclosed upon the remaining sides. Accommodations for eight hundred pupils are called for, and separate entrances and class-rooms for girls and boys, of whom there shall be an equal number, must be provided. In construction the building s all be of brick, with timber floors…

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