Issue 22 and Volume 4.

CHICAGO’S NEW FIRE MARSHAL. MISCELLANY Mayor Harrison recently appointed Denis J. Swenie Fire Marshal in place of M. Benner, and the appointment was at once confirmed by the Council. Denis J. Swenie was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1834. In 1848—at the age of 14—he became a resident of Chicago, and in the year following—1849—became a member of the Volunteer Fire Organization, and was made Assistant Foreman of a company. In 1856 he was advanced to Assistant Engineer under Chief McBride, and in 1858 wal promoted to Chief, which position he held when the old Volunteer system was abandoned and the present system introduced. Chief Swenie of the Volunteers became first chief of the Paid organization, and has been identified with the paid Fire Department of the city ever since—a period of twenty-one years. During the thirty years of Marshal Swenie’s connection with the fire organization of Chicago, from 1849…

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