Issue 22 and Volume 4.

FIRES IN BERLIN AND LONDON. Some particulars, emanating from an official source, afford the means of making an interesting comparison between the occurrence of fires in London and Berlin, and the efficiency of the organizations possessed by the two cities for putting them cut. The following table shows the number of fires extinguished by the London Fire Brigade from 1874 to 1876:— But there are twenty houses in London to one in Berlin, so that while in the former city there is one fire yearly to every too buildings, there is one in Berlin to every eighteen. This difference, however, is more apparent than real, and arises in great measure from the varying system of classification adopted in the two capiials. Thus, in the Berlin return for 1878 are included 739 trifling affairs, which did not require the attendance of an Engine; in London in 1876 the Brigade was actually…

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