Issue 24 and Volume 4.

INSUFFICIENT PUNISHMENI FOR ARSON. Ordinarily, our courts recognize the crime of arson as being one of the very worst mentioned in the criminal calendar. Occasonally, however, they fail to appreciate the full enormity of the crime, and the accused persons escape with insufficient punishment. Such, we believe, to have been the case of August Stallmacher, of this city, a German, who was arraigned recently at the Court of General Sessions, before Judge Gildersleeve, for arson in the first degree, and who, having pleaded not guilty to the charge, was subsequently permitted by the court to withdraw the plea, and plead guilty of arson in the third degree, and received the very lenient sentence of five years in the State prison. The prisoner was interested with August Albrecht in the shoe business at No. 247 Tenth avenue. On the morning of October 31, at two o’clock, while Officer Madden of the…

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