Issue 25 and Volume 4.

MISCELLANY. A NEW FIRE ESCAPE. The following description and illustiation of the latest device in fire escapes we copy from the Scientific News. No words of ours can add to the comprehensiveness of the description: “The fire escape only a rope used. The illustrated herewiih alighting, which, Pat will, we think, impress says, is what hurts one most people as not in falling, is in this inonly an elegant, but a vention provided delightful means of against by comfortaletting one’s self down ble and graceful cusheasy. The sensation ions of ample thickof being suspended in ness applied to the mid-air by the neck feet. The velocity of in the manner shown Fitt* descent is indicated (which, judging by the by the upturned coatcomplacency of kittals. Given the specitens, when so carried fic gravity and cubical by the maternal cat, contents of the coatcannot be otherwise tails, the temperature than delightful)…

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