Issue 9 and Volume 5.

THROUGH FIRE. CHAPTER I. “ WHO CAN HE BE ? ” “Is it really Winter, or have I slept until Spring ?” asked Corinne De Grey, who sometimes indulged in hyperbole,—as she sprang out of bed at the sound of the breakfast bell. “One would think it were June by the stifling air; the roses surely must be out in bloom upon the lawn, and I’m surprised I don’t hear the birds singing.” She dashed cold water over her face and hands, brushed her frowzy yellow hair, and plunging into the depths of a closet, brought out a pale blue cashmere wrapper bordered with swansdown, which she donned in all possible haste. “ I’ll wear this,” she said, “ for papa likes it, and when he sees me he will think I have spent some time in getting myself up to please him, and he won’t dream I was so…

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