Issue 12 and Volume 5.

A FEW WORDS TO AMERICAN WOMEN. MISCELLANY By far the keenest suffering which is felt from the fires of our dwellings or other property falls upon the gentler sex. The man “roughs it,” and braves it with bold strong words, but it sinks into the heart of the female sex to be driven from her home in such a fearful, frightful manner. Then with the new home I fear more care will be expended in that which is for the man than for the woman. It is a shame, but, alas, I fear it is only too true. The man knows much better what he needs for his comfort than he does of the necessities of his helpmate, and so when the money is expended it is too much, far too much, for his convenience, and too little for the comfort of his “better half.” For this I shall not…

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