Issue 12 and Volume 5.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. WE copied recently an item published in the Portsmouth Chronicle, to the effect that the Amoskeag Company of Manchester, N. H., had purchased an old Steam Fire Engine for $400, and sold it to New York for $3300 or $3500, alter spending on it $1200 for repairs. The Chronicle now says this was a misrepresentation ; that the Manchester Locomotive Works (the successors of the Amoskeag Company in the Engine business) did purchase an Engine, as stated, and cut it up for scrap metal, the only use it could be put to. This correction is due to the Manchester Locomotive Works, that has the reputation of doing good work, and have done nothing to forfeit its good name. WE shall shortly bring out a “Chicago number ” of THE JOURNAL, which, in addition to our usual amount of reading matter, will contain a full and complete…

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