Issue 12 and Volume 5.

“VASELINE.” A curious product made from petroleum is a jelly called “Vaseline,” which is of the greatest utility in medicine, pharmacy, and for toilet use. Physicians all over the world have discovered its great value in the treatment of wounds, burns, skin diseases, rheumatism, catarrh and every ailment where a liniment is needed, and in almost evey hospital in America and Europe this substance is now in constant use, and is acknowledged not only to be the best treatment, but also one of the most important recent additions to medicine. It is put up in bottles by the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, of New York, and as a family remedy it is without doubt the best in use, its healing and pain allaying qualities being superior to those of any known substance, while the speedy relief it affords for piles and chilblains is almost magical. As an emollient Vaseline is way…

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