Issue 17 and Volume 5.

FAR STRANGER THAN FICTION. CHAPTER VI.—Continued. “I was sitting one day in her ladyship’s bedroom mending some lace, when I heard voices of people talking on the other side of the partition. The rooms were divided with wood panelling, and every word came as quite distinct to me as if spoken in my very ear. I might not have taken so much notice, only it seemed strange to hear English spoken in France; and besides, I felt as if I knew the voice.” “It seems you did too.” Yes, It was my old mistress’s voice, Mrs. Wilkins. She said, We ought to leave here at once. It will never do to run the risk of meeting her at such close quarters.” Then the other lady answered, in the slow sort of drawling way Miss Emily had of talking, and with her little lisp, You are sure you made no mistake…

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