Issue 23 and Volume 5.

RANDOM SPARKS —There were only 41 fires in Constantinople last year. —Millville, N. J., has a newly organized Fire Department, numbering forty men —Since the adoption of Paid Fire Departments, the hose that most of our young men run with is worn by the girls. —Fire Marshal Swenie, of Chicago, placed two Companies with Chemical Engines in charge of the Exposition Buildings to keep the politicians from possibly attempting to burn each other out. —Fire bugs in Faribault, Minn., have stirred up considerable excitement, and a strict watch is kept on all large buildings. —Mendota, Ill., recently sunk an artesian well 3300 feet, at a cost of $14,000. It is proposed to supply the city with water from the well. —Hastings, Minn., has a Bucket Brigade for which the citizens have petitioned the City Council to furnish buckets to be used in case of fire. —The Fire Department of B…

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