Issue 23 and Volume 5.

RELIEVING DISABLED FIREMEN. Following is a copy of an act recently passed by the Ohio Legislature to provide for the relief of disabled Firemen in cities of the second grade of the first class SECTION 1.—Be it enacted by the general Assembly of the State of Ohio that the County Treasurer of counties containing a city of the second grade of the first class shall, semi-annually, at the time of their semi-annual settlement with the auditors of their respective counties, pay over to the treasurer of such city one-fourth of the amount which such city is entitled, under his annual levy, to receive of all the taxes paid into the treasuries of their respective counties by foreign insurance companies on their gross receipts, under the provisions of section twenty-seven hundred and forty-five of the revised statutes during the half year preceding such semi-annual settlement, the money so paid over to…

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