Issue 19 and Volume 6.

MINOR TOPICS The town of Parkdale, a parish of Toronto, Ont., has just closed a contract with T. Mcllroy, Jr., manager of the Gutta Percha and Rubber Manufacturing Company, Toronto, for a quantity of Maltese Cross Fire Engine Hose. The town of Lunnenberg, Nova Scotia, has also adopted the Maltese Cross, after thoroughly examining into the merits of different brands offered for competition. Now is the season for colds. Firemen as well as other persons will be imprudent, ard an insufficiency of good warm clothing on these blustering days is very apt to bring on an exasperating cold, which may in time lead to something serious. It is best to treat a cold or cough in its incipiency, and nothing better for this purpose can be recommended than Van Beil’s Rye and Reck. It is pleasant to take and always has a good effect. Be sure that the signature is…

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