Issue 19 and Volume 6.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR NOZZLES. Eyre M. Shaw, K. C. B., Chief of the London Fire Brigade, in his book on fire protection, devotes a chapter to nozzles. After describing how they should be made, and giving numerous illustrations, he concludes as follows: The distance to which water can be projected through the air, depends very materially on the formation of the whole nozzle, but more especially on that of its termination. If the cylindrical part be in any way made rough, or if it be in the smallest degree damaged, even by a mere scratch so small as to be almost invisible, the issuing stream, becomes injurious affected, and scatters and falls much sooner than it otherwise would. If, again, the edge or angle of that part where the cylindrical portion ends be not left sharp and well defined, the same result takes place to a still greater extent.…

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