Issue 19 and Volume 6.

FIRE MARSHALS. THE JOURNAL has been the persistent advocate for the appointment in every city and village of a competent person to inquire into the cause of every fire that occurs, who shall be empowered to prosecute suspected cases of incendiarism. In many cities Fire Marshals are already included among the officials of responsibility, and whereever they exist they have rendered invaluable service in reducing the number of fires. From various causes incendiarism is on the increase, until at present insurance men estimate that one half the fires that occur are of incendiary origin. It matters not what leads to this result, the fact that there exists in every community men who are so depraved as to be willing to commit this most dastardly crime, is a constant menace to every propertyowner. He cannot tell at what moment his property may be destroyed by the act of some unprincipled neighbor,…

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