Issue 2 and Volume 1881 7.

CINCINNATI FIRE DEPARTMENT. JEFFERSON STEAM ENGINE COMPANY NO. 5. This Company was organized as a paid Hand Engine Company on April 1 1853, when the present paid system was inaugurated, and was located on Vine, between Twelfth and Canal streets. At that time the Company had two Hand Engines—the Jefferson and the Fame, both Philadelphia machines. The first Captain of the Company in ’53, was William Kruse, and the first Lieutenant was Godfrey Ludwig, who in 1860 succeeded Captain Kruse in command of the Company. When first organized, the Company had three stationary and twenty-five running members, the latter being paid $8 per month. In July, 1860, the Company was reorganized as a Steam Company with seven permanent and two running members. In 1864, Captain Ludwig was succeeded by Lu. Cannon, who ten years later was followed by Chris. Ahrens. In 1872, when the Department was re-organized, John Pohlman was…

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