Issue 6 and Volume 1881 7.

THE MANCHESTER EIRE BRIGADE. MISCELLANY The Firemen of this country will, doubless, be intereved in reading the following extract from the report of the Superintendent of _____he Manche_____ter, England, Fire Brigade: The Superintendent submits his report of the Fire Brigade for the year ended September 29. The total number of “turn outs” to fires has 412, being 41 more than last year. Of this number, 337 were “fires” and 73 were “false alarms.” The total fire loss was estimated at .£84,366, and £1,863.270 was supposed to be at risk. Three hundred and fifteen fires werat ended within the city limits, at which the oss was estima ci at £60,409, and £1.656.825 was supposed to be at ri: k. 1 wen y-two fires were atie ded beyo d the city limits, at which the loss was estim He i at £23.977, and £208.445 vas suppo ed to be at risk. As…

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