Issue 7 and Volume 1881 7.

RANDOM SPARKS —A Syracuse grocer used to smoke his pipe while leaning against his kerosene barrel. His mail now goes to the dead-letter office. —The Firemen of Johnstown, N. Y., warmed their hands over a $20,000 fire on Sunday last. It was the largest they had in a long time. —”Are dem bells ringing for fire?” asked Pompey of Tiberius. “ No,” replied Tiberius; “dey hab plenty ob fire, and dey is ringing de bells for water.” —At the annual election of the Fire Department of Battle Creek, Mich., John G. Bonnett was chosen Chief; M. Canvers, Assistant Chief, and Smith Bramble, Clerk. —At a recent fire in Newark, N. J., several Firemen were frozen fast to the ladders on which they stoed, and their clothing had to be cut away before they could descend. —Phoenix Steam Fire Company No. 1, of Catasauqua, Pa., issues a handsomely gotten-up card, giving…

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