Issue 9 and Volume 1881 7.

MISCELLANY SAN FRANCISCO’S CHIEF ENGINEER. A familiar face on the streets cf San Francisco, says the Daily Report, of Janary 31, is that of a hale, hearty, and withal, portly gentlemen, of ruddy complexion, and whose hair, to a casual observer, is reddish, but on a close inspection is seen to be gray. He is clad generally in a dark tweed suit, with a lighter colored hat, is always seated in a red striped wheeled buggy, and has a nod, a word or a cheery greeting for every one. Such i the description of David Scannel. Chief oi the San Francisco Fire Department. Those who are intimate with Dave Scannellf swear by him as a whole-souled, genial, hospitable gentleman, rough, but of the “true blue” and every inch a Fireman. Since his advent into San Francr co, he has been connected with the different Fire Departments, as private, Foreman and…

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