Issue 11 and Volume 1881 7.

CELERITY OF THE NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT. Last week we published a statement from the Cincinnati Enquirer discrediting the report that Engine Company No. 4, of this city, could hitch up in 2 1/2 seconds, and ridiculing the idea that such quick time could be made by that or any other Company. There was some impossible wager tendered by the Enquirer contingent upon Engine Company No. 4 visit ng Cincinnati and giving an exhibit on of quick hitching. It might as well ask to have the New York Post Office or City Hall sent cut for exhibition. Frequent statements have been printed as to the celetity of the New York Firemen, and all of these have been looked upon with incredulity. We have, therefore, thought it worth while to prepare a diagram of a modern Engine-house, and to explain why it is that our Firemen have attained such proficiency in…

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