Issue 11 and Volume 1881 7.

TOPIC OF THE DAY THE many friends of Mr. E. B. Leverich will regret to learn that he has retired from the apparatus business on account of illness. It is well-known that for three years he has been in ill health, but has persevered in prosecuting his business in spite of the warnings of his physicians. His withdrawal from active business life will, it is hoped, tend to restore his health. His successor in business, S. F. Hayward, is a young vigorous man, familiar with the apparatus business, who will, unquestionably, so administer an old established business as to give satisfaction to all. AT a fire in South Bend, Ind., during the cold weather at the beginning of February, the water congealed in the hose of the Fire Companies, and was first ejected from the pipe as slush and then froze solid. When the “boys of No. 6” found their…

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