Issue 11 and Volume 1881 7.

CHINESE FIRE BRIGADES. To save their cities from destructive fires, the Chinese observe many necessary precautions. In the streets of many of their cities wells are sunk, which are called Taiping-tsieng, or great peace wells. They are large and contain abundant supplies of water, and over the mouth of each a stone slab is placed, which is only removed when any of the neighboring houses are on fire. It is provided by law that there shall be placed in various parts of a Chinese city, large tubs, to be kept at all times full of water. On the sides of these vessels are written, in large Chinese letters, the words, “ peace tubs,” or cisterns. On the tops of the houses also it is not unusual for the Chinese to place earthenware jars containing water, so that they may always have at hand sufficient water to enable them to suppress…

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