Issue 12 and Volume 1881 7.

THE VOLUNTEER FIREMAN. MISCELLANY. The hardy seaman pants the storm to brave, For becking Fortune w_____os him to the wave; The soldier battles neath his smoky shroud For Glory’s bow is painted on the cloud; The Firemen also dare each shape of death— But not for Fortune’s gold nor Glory’s wreath: No selfish throbs within their breasts are known; No hope f praise or profit leads them on. They ask o meed, no fame, and only seek To shield `he su tihrin~ and protect the v~’ak 1 For this howling midnight storm they woo; For this the raging flames rush fearless through; Mount the fra~l r.ifter-tread the smoky halt- Or oi1, unshriklng, `ne~th the totterit~ wall. N.d `Icr than they hc wlth frat~’rnat b~ cd, I)7e the dr’;d field, or tinge the shuddering flood: o er their firu, ranks no crimson banners wave; They dare-they sufler’-not to slay-~-but save

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