Issue 12 and Volume 1881 7.

TRIAL OF A STEAM FIRE ENGINE. The authorises of Holyoke, Mass., being desirous of adding an additional Steamer to the Fire service of the city, it was arranged that a trial between the Silsby and La France Engines be held on February 25. A committee of practical Firemen and mechanics was appointed to test the machines. The Committee on Fire Department at Holyoke is composed of E. A. Whiting, Chairman, and H. Smith, S. T. Miller, C. D. Gerean and P. Sheridan. The Special Committee appointed consisted of A. P. Leshure, and George A. Ellis, of Springfield; James E. Halsey and C. F. Hadley, of Chicopee, and William Grover, of Holyoke. The day of the trial arrived, but the La F’rance Engine was the only one oa the ground. Below is given an abs ract from the official report of the trial, which, it will be seen, was a critical…

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