Issue 13 and Volume 1881 7.

RANDOM SPARKS Correspondents of THE JOURNAL will please bear in mind to write on one side of the paper only, and also to spell all words out in full, using no abbreviations. Violation of these rules will entitle the offender to a reprimand at ” printers’ chapel.” —It was suggested last week that the Fire Engines be used to clean the streets of Chicago. Louisvi le proposes to replace its old and defective telegraphic fire alarm system with a new and improved one. In 1880 the London Salvage Corps attended 1538 fires, rendering service at 598. The expenses of the corps during the year were nearly $100,000. The English r’arliament w.ll probably pass an act empowe ing coroners to make investigations into the cause of fires, with authority to compel the attendance of witnesses, etc. The Common Council of Orange, N. J., on March 22, elected as Chief of the…

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