Issue 15 and Volume 1881 7.

RANDOM SPARKS —Correspondents of THE JOURNAL will please bear in mind to write on one side of the paper only, and also to spell all words out in full, using no abbreviations. Violation of these rules will entitle the offender to a reprimand at “ printers’ chapel.” —A Fire Engine at Maysville, Ky., has been in use sixty years. —Rub kerosene oil on your chilblains and hold your feet to the fire. That will burn ’em off. —A man is not necessarily a Communist because he wears red flannel, but his ancestors may have run wid de machine. —The taxpayers of Carthage, Wis., have decided by an overwhelming majority in favor of a tex levy for the construction of Waterworks in that city. —Charles G. Fletcher, treasurer of a Fire Company in New Orleans, having been detected in the embezzlement of funds, made an attempt to kill himself. 1 HE…

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