Issue 15 and Volume 1881 7.

MINOR TOPICS THE WILSON CHEMICAL FIRE ENGINE. A practical demonstration of the workings of a Wilson Chemical Fire Engine was given at Akron, N. Y., on the evening of March 31. A large pile of boxes, barrels, staves and other combustibles, throughly saturated with oil and tar, was fired, and alter it had been allowed to burn until it seemed an utter impossibility to extinguish it the word to attack it was given by the Chairman of a Committee appointed to supervise the demonstration, and in the almost incredible time of ten minutes not a spark of fire was visible. Again the fire was set to the pile and again extinguished wilh a similar result. The pertormance of this Engine elicited the greatest applause, and in a conversation with the gentleman who directed the stream it wras learned that the test was the severest he had ever engaged in, excepting…

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