Issue 17 and Volume 1881 7.

BOILER EXPLOSIONS. A NEW theory with reference to the causes and prevention of boiler explosions has been elaborated by D. T. Lawson, of Wellsville, O. The result of his study of the subject, extending over thirty-five years, is that explosions are not satisfactorily accounted for by low water, superheated steam, etc. It is impossible, he says, for steam to become superheated while in contact with the water from which it arises. In order to become superheated it must be hotter than the water, and it is acknowledged that water and steam in contact are always of the same temperature. That there is no gas connected with boiler explosions is proved by the fact that gas always exexplodes with a flash, and that in all the long record of bursting boilers, no flash has ever been reported by an eye-witness. The low water theory is equally untenable, as all very destructive…

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