Issue 17 and Volume 1881 7.

PENSIONS FOR FIREMEN. No class is regarded by the public with more genuine respect than is that of men whose business is the extinction of fire. The Fireman has a double claim on society. In his case usefulness is combined with a strong dash of heroism. The work he undertakes is recognized by every one as of the utmost moment, and it cannot be performed without daring and hardihood, and exposure to infinite peril, llis duty is always done in face of the enemy, an enemy often engaged, often repulsed, but never absolutely defeated. Thus while ranking as a civilian, and engaged in a peaceful pursuit, he must have all the qualities of the soldier, and these will be exceptionally exercised since the enemy is always at the front. When a man enters the army he knows that there will be seasons of conflict and seasons of rest; he knows…

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